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Our mission

At Pingd we want to empower businesses who perhaps do not have the luxury of a large in-house design team. We're on a mission to help them scale their design output without high salaries, long recruitment processes or unexpected agency bills.

How it started

Despite having outsourced to freelancers during his time as a Design Manager, Robert remained sceptical about the consistency of design standards and high costs. What he needed was a cost-effective, reliable solution to outsource design work without compromising on quality or wasting time on calls and meetings.

Fast forward to 2024, and after months of planning, product development and investment, we launched our custom design request platform Pingd. We offer access to top-tier design through a subscription service that's easily managed through our customer dashboard.

As a tech-enabled online company, we operate entirely remotely, adapting seamlessly to the digital age. We use the most innovative tools and ideas in the work that we produce for our subscribers. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, speed of delivery and the genuine advice we provide throughout the process.

At Pingd, we've redefined the outsourcing experience, providing premium quality and efficiency, every time.

Modern architectural CGI render
3D product design for a portable planter.
Headphone CGI
White kitchen breakout

Strategic approach

We approach every client project strategically, meticulously crafting both graphic and 3D designs. Our subscription service empowers you to develop and fine-tune your design strategy, aligning it precisely with your target audience's needs to enhance conversions and grow your business.


Our team comprises of seasoned professionals in branding, graphic design, 3D design and interior design. Together we have over 10 years of experience in the field. Every deliverable undergoes rigorous scrutiny by our experienced Director, before reaching your desk for review. 


From the outset, we guide you, setting precise expectations and striving to exceed them consistently. Regardless of project complexity, you'll have dedicated support from the team. Expect regular updates every day, ensuring you're kept informed about progress every step of the way.

Attention to detail

We meticulously review every detail of your designs, ensuring that elements like composition, colour schemes, spelling, and page layout align seamlessly with any brand guidelines and objectives supplied.

Cost effectiveness

With the ever-growing costs of recruitment and in-house employees, our subscription packages provide a cost-effective way to grow your design team. Everything you need for one flat rate monthly fee — No unexpected charges or hidden fees. It really is that simple!  

Flexibility & speed

Recognising the integration of design with marketing and sales, we tailor our graphic and 3D design subscription packages to deliver optimal results within tight timelines. Our commitment to swift turnarounds sets us apart, expect designs returned in 48 hours depending on the complexity. You can count on our agility to keep your marketing and sales initiatives on track, without compromising quality.

We're growing fast

We’re a small tight knit team with a creative and conceptual mindset, who are able to truly understand your design requirements.

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Join our team and contribute to our mission of becoming the leading design subscription service in the UK.