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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next step in 3D visualisation, it immerses buyers in your design and gives them complete certainty in the finished product. VR walkthroughs are often used in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) to provide clients with a realistic view of a project before it is built. They can also be used for training, marketing, and entertainment purposes.

VR Headset
Modern office CGI

Architectural Rendering

We bring the unbuilt to life, allowing all stakeholders to visualise properties, spaces or products. We work with with housebuilders, architects, developers, planning consultants, marketing managers and sales agents to bring their ideas to life.

Interior Design

Our core background is in Interior Design. For over 10 years we have been creating interiors for brands all over the world. We use Rhino 3D and Lumion to create stunning lifelike CGI renders. Clearly showcase your ideas and turn plans into reality with our 3D rendering services.

White and black interior design
Headphone CGI

Product Design

We produce visual content that grabs attention and explains clearly. Save time and money on photoshoots. Take your product designs worldwide with amazing visuals through eye-catching product 3D services.


Unlock clarity for your landscaping project with Pingd 3D rendering. Whether you're a Garden designer or a landscape architect, save time, money, and headaches. Leveraging our vast library of pre-made vegetation models for accurate results. We turn landscape plans and ideas into a stunning images which is easy to understand and conceptualise the finished project.

garden CGI
office meeting pod

Office Furniture

We bring your concepts to life with stunning visualisations that capture every detail. From ergonomic desks to office pods, from collaborative workstations to private offices, our renderings provide a clear picture of how each piece will fit seamlessly into your environment. With our office furniture design rendering service, you can explore different layouts, colour schemes, and configurations before making any commitments. This ensures that every aspect of your workspace is optimised for comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Exhibition design

We design high-quality, creative exhibition stands for our 3DPRO subscribers. When exhibiting, the goal is to capture the interest of as many potential customers as possible, providing an opportunity to present your product or service effectively. Our in-house creative team bring your ideas to life by utilising visually striking and impactful graphics. As professional exhibition designers, we always keep ahead of the latest trends and innovations.

A large exhibition stand design, lots of screens.
A square brochure mockup

Brochures & flyers

Brochures and flyers still serve as powerful tools in conveying information and promoting businesses, events, or products. Effective design is key to capturing attention and delivering your message succinctly and memorably. Our brochure and flyer designs strike a balance between creativity and purpose, leaving a lasting impression and driving desired outcomes for your business or endeavour.

Large format print

We specialise in various print formats, offering services such as roller banners, flags, fabric walls, POS banners, outdoor displays, and more. Whether you need assistance with design or printing, we're here to help. Additional printing support is available at an extra cost, ensuring high-quality print is delivered right to your doorstep.

A image of an outdoor LED lit sign.

Pingd Dashboard

Seamless integration, stay up to date with the progress of your requests and chat to your designer.

UK Based Team

We're based in UK but our team are fully remote.   

Timely Delivery

Your designs are delivered within 48 hours depending on the level of complexity.

Hit your targets

Companies with strong design outperform companies with weak design by 219% (adobe)

“I have worked with the team on numerous projects, the high level of attention to detail and industry knowledge is always showcased in the design work they produce for us.”

James Harper
Founder- 3DIO Agency

“We onboarded Pingd to create social media content and ads instead of recruiting an in-house designer. It was such a cost-effective way of working, I couldn't recommend them enough.

Jess Levi
Lead Designer, Staceys, London